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Rachel Glodowski-Miller

Freelance 2D and 3D Animator

I'm a UK based animator with over 20 years experience creating content for TV commercials, TV series and Feature Films.  I hope you enjoy some of the my latest work.  More content to come...

Pirates Love Underpants
Pirates Love Underpants

Artist Resume

Career Details

February 2024-Present

Providing animation for the world famous series Peppa Pig.  Produced by Karrot Studios.

Character Animator

December 2022-May 2023

Animation Story Artist and Animator

Providing storyboards and animation for BBC series Horrible Histories' latest instalments. Produced by Studio 43

June 2022- October 2022

Animation Story Artist

Providing Sketchviz for an upcoming Warner Brothers animated feature due for release in 2023.  Producing detailed performances to guide the subsequent 3D animation to come.

October 2021-March 2022

Animation Team Lead

I led a team of 3 other animators to complete 13 episodes of an adaptation of comic book series, "Corpse Talk".  This was produced by Tiger Aspect for YouTube and is currently being streamed.

The link below will take you to one of my episodes, Mozart!

April 2021 - October 2021

Providing Sketch Viz for upcoming Warner Brothers feature film

Animation Story Artist

January 2021- March 2021


Providing animation for animated links and sketches for BBC Series "Horrible Histories". Produced by Studio 43

July 2020 - October 2020

2D Character Animator

 Animation for Tiger Aspect's TV special, "Pirates Love Underpants". TV adaptation of popular kids book by Claire Freedman.

June 2019-June 2020

Senior Animator

Animation provided for PBS TV series 2 of "Pinkalicious and Peterific", adapted from children's books by author Victoria Kahn.  Produced by Sixteen South.

March 2019 - June 2019

Animation provided for Tiger Aspect's season 3 of "Mr Bean".

2D Animator

June 2017-March 2019

Senior Animator

Animation provided for the first series of "Pinkalicious and Peterific" PBS's kids show adaptation of books by author Victoria Kahn produced at Sixteen South.

September 2016-May 2017


Character animation provided for BBC's series "Pablo" about a 5 year old boy who has autism.  Produced by Kavaleer Productions.

May 2016-September 2016

Animation provided for TV series "Lilly's Driftwood Bay." Produced at Sixteen South.


October 2015-April 2016

Various television commercials for BE Animation.


September 2013-August 2015

2D Character animation for Tiger Aspect's TV series "Mr Bean" series 2.


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