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A little about me...

I've been in the UK animation industry since getting my first job as runner at Hibbert Ralph Animation who were known for many commercials such as Les Dawson's Post Office Adverts in the style of artist Beryl Cook and the fifties style Milky Way advert.  I began my training under former Roger Rabbit animators Caron Creed and Andrew Painter who taught me everything I needed to know about traditional hand drawn animation.  In my 9 years there I worked with many iconic characters like Tony The Tiger (Frosties), Snap Crackle and Pop (Rice Krispies), Coco the Monkey (Coco Pops) to name but a few.  I learned to draw in so many different styles and keep things on model which has stood me in good stead for the rest of my career and I am so grateful to have worked with such talented people who gave me the chance to animate and later direct commercials.  When I left HRA I went on to work on my first feature film, "Spirit" for DreamWorks as an assistant animator.  I was then on their last hand drawn feature "Sinbad" as a supervising assistant animator.  There I learned about film making and the art of subtle animation. Again very fortunate to be working closely with the most talented bunch of people. I then went onto work at all the major London studios on various music videos, commercials and TV shows such as Gorillaz, "Feel Good" and BBC series "Monkey Dust".  Of late I have been working exclusively on children's television for the UK and USA.  I continue to love what I do and am very lucky to still be doing it 20 years on.

I use software CelAction, Harmony TB,  Maya and TV Paint.  Also pencil and paper!

I am fluent in Spanish.

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